VISIONKING 70400 Refractor Telescope

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Visionking 70400 Professional Refractor Astronomical Telescope with Tripod Brand Visionking Eye piece lens description Kellner Objective lens diameter 70 Millimetres Lens coating description Multi-Coated Focal length description 400 millimeters Refractive telescope with a focal length of 400mm has a greater magnification and a more stable multiplier. The 70mm large aperture objective lens makes the image brighter and clearer, realizing a large field of view. Full multi-coated lenses provide excellent contrast and viewing image brightness. A wonderful astronomical telescope suitable for children, adults and astronomy beginners to explore space. Equipped with a mounting bracket and a diagonal 5X24 viewfinder to make object positioning easier. Equipped with K6 / K25 eyepieces, this is the latest generation of Kellner eyepieces (K) in the astronomical telescope.

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