Visa Photos and Passport Photos
We take fast, great quality:
  • Passport Photos Printed or Emailed as JPEG
  • Visa Applications
  • Baby Passports
baby passports 
  • Firearms License
  •  Residency Visa NZ
residency visa photos nz
  • ID Photos
  • Business Card Photos
  • Linked In Photos
No appointment necessary, just come in and see us!
  • Passport & Visa photos for any country in the world.
  • We take nice photos that will pass.
  • Available as photos or a digital file which we will e-mail to you or save to USB
NZ online passport applications digital photos are pre-checked with the online passport checker to ensure they will be accepted before we email them to you.
 We take nice photos that pass :)
Passport Photos Printed or Emailed
$20 for 1 person for 6 prints
$15 for 3 or more people 
We also offer a deal where if you get them printed and emailed the second service is half price so $30 printed and emailed
We do Visa and Passport photos for any country in the world Same price.
As well as passport photos, we offer studio photo shoots for $20
Upgraded lighting to fill wrinkles and shadows so you look your best.
We use a Circular polarizing filter to remove reflections .
Flattering pro portrait lens much nicer than phones wide angle ;)
Trust ThePhotoStore crew to take a nice photo.
Saved on file under your Surname in case you need a different country Visa etc.