Cine film Transfer

Services: No Sound: per 50ft reel $64.99 each
Size: 1 reel (50ft) $64.99 each
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The highest quality available

We have significantly better equipment than all the home conversion places.

We are the experts in Cine Conversion

20 years experience

Trust our respect for memories

A std 8mm film reel is 50/feet long

If your films are on a larger reel they are 200 or 400 feet reels

So just order in batches of 50ft eg for a 400 foot reel choose 8 50 ft

Just drop them in or Courier them to us


35 Queen St


Cine Film To DVD

    • Setup of $30 per job then the following prices per reel
    • No Sound =per 50ft Reel $64.99
    • With Sound=Per 50ft Reel $99

The following discounts are available, use the link in the basket to apply discount:

    • 2 reels (100ft) 15%
    • 10 reels (500ft) 20%
    • 20 reels (1000ft) 25%

We can convert just about anything!

We scan the films using sophisticated equipment.

Most video conversions are made with altered cine prectors and cheap eBay machines, In assure you their results are poor, our results are as good as they can be.

Every Cinefilm conversion is edited to look it's best!

The results are stunning.

We can save as a MP4 to suit a USB in your TV or any device.

We can also save to Dropbox and send you an email link to download.

Contact us about converting your Cine files today!

USB Movie

DVD disks and camera and phone Videos can also be converted to usb movies.

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