VISIONKING 76700 Reflector Telescope

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Visionking High Quality 3 Inch 76-700mm Reflector Astronomical Telescope • Excellent performance, good choice for both indoor and outdoor activities. • foldable and portable: Foldable design makes it portable, lightweight and easy to carry. The telescope is made of high quality metal and aluminum alloy, which has a longer service life. Visionking 76-700 Telescope with 76 mm(3 inches) large tube and 700 mm focal length. It provides you super clear images from the sky at night. 1 x 76/700mm reflector Astronomical Telescope 1 x K10mm Eyepiece 1 x K25mm Eyepiece 1 x Finder scope 1 x Tripod Mount 1 x User Manual 1 x Moon Filter 1 x Barlow lens(2x)

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