Okko Pro 37mm CPL Filter

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When light reflects, this often creates a whitish haze; an effect known as ‘polarizing’.

Okko CPL Circular Polarizing Filters cut out this haze, allowing you to capture crisp, clear images.
If you’ve ever wanted to see deep blue skies or ensure that your images appeared clearer with better contrast then these filters will do just that. As with all our filters, CPL filters are constructed from high quality black Matt aluminium and optical glass.

Enable colors to become more saturated and appear clearer with better contrast
Multiple Nano Coatings
Ultra-high definition
Ultra-thin filter frames to help avoid vignetting
Eliminates reflections and glare
Greater color and tonal saturation, reduces haze in landscape shots
Designed to have any lens cap attached
All weather sealed
Adjustable polarization

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