OKKO Pro 37mm UV Filter

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Okko Pro UV filter is designed for every day use in all environments. Constructed using German Schott B270 glass to ensure optical clarity while absorbing ultraviolet light and ensuring no additional coloration or contrast. Providing all weather protection to your front lens element and ease of cleaning with a Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC). This creates a beading effects when wet running the moisture to the outer filter ring for quick cleaning. No need to use your T-Shirt to clean your expensive lens element. These filters help prevent ghosting while providing 99.4% light transmission therefore no adjustments to exposure setting is required. All our filters come with a microfiber cloth and a strong protective case for use in the field. Ultraviolet absorption optical glass German Made B270 Schott glass Aluminium Frame constructed with Copper line Nano coating Ultra thin: Minimize vignetting effect on wide angle lenses High quality optical glass for high transmittance and highly smooth surface Protect the lens from dust, damage to the front element Easy to clean Designed to still have lens cap attached All weather seal

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