Maxell 394 SR936SW

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Maxell is the first company in Japan to successfully market button-type silver oxide batteries. Based on many years of experience and know-how in various fields, the SR battery is suitable for precision electronic devices such as quartz watches, where high-energy density per unit volume and a stable operating voltage are required. Various product lineups are available to meet the growing need for supplying power to various types of watches, ranging from large to compact, thin models. Zero-mercury, zero-lead added types are also available.

Maxell Silver Oxide SR936SW (394) 1.55 Volt watch battery

- Cross Reference: Energizer 394, Duracell D394, Rayovac 394, Varta V394,  Renata 394, Bulova 625, Seiko SB-A4

Maxell Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer of battery products such as lithium ion rechargeable; micro batteries and alkaline dry batteries.

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