Kodak M35 Reuse Film Cam – Kodak Yellow DA00233

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Kodak M35 is a reusable film camera that use 35mm film. Just like it’s range of disposable cameras, M35 has fixed focus lens, manual film winding and rewinding and switch to turn flash On/Off. Simply purchase a roll of 35mm film and load it in, take your photos, rewind and bring the film roll to develop at photo developing stores. Built-in flash Reusable film camera Specifications: Film specification: 135 film (24x36mm) ISO 200 / 400 optical lens: 31mm, f = 10, 1 ELEGENT Effective shooting distance: focus free, 1 m – Infinity Shutter speed: 1 / 120s Transfer and pass: manual rewinding and rewinding Viewfinder: viewfinder = 70% Battery Film and AAA Battery not included Kodak M35 vs M38? M38 has a 70% more powerful flash than M35 and slightly easier to load the film roll.

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