Hahnel LP-E6/E6N/E6NH Canon Compatible

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Hahnel HL-E6 Single Pack for Canon Digital Cameras

Replacement for Canon LP-E6
1650mAh, 7.2V, 11.9Wh


100% Plastic free packaging
Lithium Ion
High Performance Quality Cells
Protection Circuit
Kindly be advised that the HL-E6N for the Canon LP-E6NH battery range has a compatibility issue with the recently launched Canon EOS R5 C.

* When the camera “EOS R5 C” is in “Video Mode” and then turned “OFF”, the camera will not turn back on again. Our battery needs to be removed form the camera and re-inserted and then camera will turn on as normal.
- When the camera is kept ON it will work as normal
* If the camera “EOS R5 C” is in “Photo Mode” then there is no problem and our battery works normal. One can turn ON/OFF as normal.

- All compatible camera models
EOS R5 / EOS R6 / EOS R / EOS Ra / EOS 5DS / EOS 5DS R / EOS 5D / EOS 5D Mark II/ Mark III/ Mark IV / EOS 6D Mark I /Mark II / Mark III EOS 7D Mark I / Mark II / EOS 90D / EOS 80D / EOS 70D / EOS 60D/ 60Da / XC10 / XC20

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