You name it, we can frame it!

Professional framing available on all images of all sizes..

We provide custom sized frames through our supplier Harrison's

  • Huge range of frame moldings to choose from 

  • Photo Mattes cut to size

  • Standard and non-reflective glass to any size and specification.

  • We will put your image in your frame free of charge, and have additional Pro-framing options available.

    • Pro Framing includes:
    • Mounting the image to a backing board
    • Taping the back airtight to stop bugs and moisture getting in
    • String and hooks added ready to hang.

Here are some of the framing options we offer:

Contact us today for a custom framing quote.

 For frames on the shelf we offer the following framing services:

1. Seal and String - Keeps the photo dry, String 1/3 down ready to hang.

2. Mount & Press - Mounted to adhesive back or a super flat finish 

Pricing is simple for an 8x12” frame is 8+12 so $20 for each service.


Custom Framing WW1 Its a Long way to Tipari
Above: Custom frame, matt and non-reflective glass.
New Museum grade Art UV Glass now available.