There is always a lot to think about when taking a photograph, today we're talking angles!

It's incredible the difference good angles can make!

Angle of view (Wide Angle - Normal - Telephoto) is always something to keep in mind when composing an image, and this choice matters - sometimes you'll find it's instinctive and sometimes it's worth playing around with your zoom or lens options to find the angle of view that complements your subject or scene. Choosing the right angle of view can really make an image pop!!

In terms of 35mm film (and full frame DSLRs - APSC sensors multiply these numbers by 1.6x) a 'Wide Angle' is a focal length less than 50mm, a 'Normal Angle' which is similar to the angle of view you see normally with your eye is around 50mm and 'Telephoto Angles' range from above and beyond 50mm!


Perspective; another angle to keep in mind is the angle that you are taking the photo from (High - Low - Eye Level - Birds Eye View - Side) as again, it can make a massive difference in your images and really set the tone of the picture. For portraits, shooting from your subject's eye level will encourage the viewer to connect with the subject, shoot from a low angle to capture a landscape or a big scene and shoot from a high angle to complement body shapes and give an 'over the shoulder' feel to your images. Obviously these are rules that are made to be broken depending on what you want to convey with your images, but good guidelines nonetheless.

'High angle' is shooting from up high, or higher than your subject, and 'Low angle' is shooting from down low, or lower than your subject - fairly easy to remember! Shooting from the side can also include more of the background or landscape and set the scene with or without using high and low angles in addition to side angles.


Just another thing to be aware of when you're trying to capture that perfect shot! Definitely experiment with angles :)

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