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ABOUT THIS CAMERA STRAP Originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II, 550-lb test paracord flexes but doesn’t break. Whether you wear your camera as a sling or loop it around your neck, the Paracord Camera Strap’s natural suspension shields your camera from shocks when you’re moving through rough terrain. Equipped with sturdy nylon webbing and soft, suede lining, this camera strap feels great when worn. It’s easy to forget that the Paracord Camera Strapis more than just comfort and good looks. DIMENSIONS 42″ / 107cm PRODUCT FEATURES 550-lb test paracord for enhanced durability. Eyelet support to fit any SLR, DSLR, rangefinder, or binoculars. Can handle the heaviest camera/lens combinations. Feels good, looks good, and gets the job done. FITS ANY SLR, RANGEFINDER, OR BINOCULARS Got eyelets? Then you really should upgrade to our superior strap. MILITARY GRADE Our strap’s materials are proven in the the most demanding conditions. 550-lb test paracord means each strand supports over 550 pounds — more than enough to handle your heftiest medium-format cameras. HAND-CRAFTED STYLE Feels good, looks good. Our handmade strap is as functional as it is fashionable, and wears just as well shooting along the runway or on your next getaway.

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