Hama Tripod – Smartphone/Tablet 106 3D

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Hama Tripod – Smartphone/Tablet 106 3D As a blogger, you are always in tune with the times. Too much photo equipment just bothers you. With our tripod you get a holder for smartphone and tablet, so you can quickly and easily produce professional photos and videos. With the combination of the tripod and holder, take blur-free photographs with the smartphone and tablet Camera Tripod: Camera tripod for blur-free images and stability on uneven surfaces 3D: 3-way head allows perfect orientation for level, horizontal and portrait-format snaps Quick-change plate for rapid changing of the camera Spirit level integrated into the tripod head Infinite height adjustment of the central pillar Cross-struts and rubber feet for secure stand Functional quick-action leg locks for fast and simple locking of the leg length in any position Smartphone / Tablet Holder: with this holder, all smartphones and tablets can be attached to tripod Screw-connected universal holder for devices without tripod socket Extremely flexible for a smartphone width from 5.5 to 8.2 cm and a tablet width from 11.2 to 18.5 cm (in horizontal format) Compact design For selfies and videos, perfect for video diaries, blogs and ideal for travel and out and about No more wobbly, skewed selfies Clamp spring holder and recess on the surface ensure a firm grip, while rubber protects the housing from scratches

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