Duracell 250 Lumen Motion Activated LED Headlamp

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Headlamps are made for adventure. Duracell’s motion activated LED headlamp are ready for any challenge. This headlamp has three modes of operation – high beam night vision and motion activate On/Off which will automatically dim from short distance to long distance. With 250 lumens of light the headlamp will shine up to 4 hours with a beam distance of 60 meters. The flashlight is resistant to water splashes from any direction with a waterproof rating of IXP4 and can survive a drop over 1 meter. Powered by 3-AAA batteries included. With Duracell’s headlamps you’ll always have the right amount of light exactly where you need it. Features 250 Lumen Motion Activated Headlamp LED High Mode Night Vision Motion Activate On/Off automatically dimming from short to long distance Comfort Strap Size: 2.37’’x1.77’’x1.37’’ 3-AAA Batteries included

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